четвъртък, 17 февруари 2011 г.

Icon.Elizabeth Taylor...

images: doctormacro.com


Summer is coming!
I can`t wait to dip into all those short, loose, colorful clothes and think of nothing but pleasure!
Now, many of us associate summer with one color, and that`s "nude", (you are so right), however this summer, colors are everywhere, lips, eyes, tops, pants, shoes, bags...
Color away now...

Kiss me mister! It will leave a mark...
(tom ford lipstick)

A world of color, where you can get lost and find happiness!
(Jil Sander 2011Spring Ad)

Come on Gents!
Color your way to summer, color till your wallet can`t color no more!
(Prada 2011Spring Mens Ad)

Heels of the sun!
Leave a trace, wherever you step,(in or out)
(Christian Louboutin 2011SS11)

Bling it up!
Not the only way to shine, but surely one of the fastest!
(Fallon 2011 Spring)

Blush your cheeks ladies, color your lips bright and go beyond the city limits!
(Sven Anton Kolor)

Color the HARPER`s way...
Color, lips, sea, sun. Goddess of the turquoise water.

Color on...
Games are fun, colors are bright, the heat is on...

Images: fashionising.com