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From Finland with love! Bulgaria magazine!

Blaa Blaa
Bulgaria Magazine is the bestest magazine in the world since 2001! And the magazine is done by Bulgaria Design! And then we tell you the boring stuff:
Bulgaria Design is a company founded in 2000 specialised in visual communication. Bulgaria Design Ltd. publishes and produces Bulgaria Magazine, publication focusing on possibilities of visual communications. Bulgaria Magazine is focused on interesting phenomena and people. Bulgaria Magazine is presenting thoughts and work of current and future talents in the field of photography, graphic design, fashion design, advertising, music, art and journalism. Bulgaria Magazine provides unique and lasting content. Magazine's trademark is exceptional visual design. The magazine has gained respect amongst professionals in visual communication around the world.
In December 2005 Bulgaria published a Special Edition Finland A-Ö. Finland A - Ö is a book about Finland and the Finns. It is a visually impressive adventure into the minds of the bizarre people living here. It is created by Bulgaria Design and frontline young photographers who cover their topics with urban attitude and sense of humour.
In the year 2002 Bulgaria Magazine was presented in the ''design bible'' the New Magazine Design by Jeremy Leslie as the only Scandinavian magazine. Bulgaria Magazine has been included in the book: The Best of the Year in Finnish Graphic Design and Advertising three times: 2001, 2002 and 2004
All in all Bulgaria is the BUJAKA
images: www.bulgariamagazine.pavelukeskus.net



...you can be free!

...you can arrange your life!

...you have the chance to cross!

...you don`t turn into a monster!

...you stay healthy!

...you know someone who can show you the way!

...you fit!

...you have new horizons!

...you don`t get old!

...you give birth to something new!

...your child stays unharmed!

...you live to grow old!

...you get rich!

...your dreams don`t fade away!

...you always stay beautiful!

...you make the right move!

...you don`t lose your hope!

...you can provide education to your children!

...you won`t be left alone!

...you can share your life!

Photos from: http://www.bigfoto.com/

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