неделя, 2 май 2010 г.

Sex is officially dead!

Sex is officially dead!

It all started when I heard on the radio that after seven months the passion between a couple is dead! I didn’t really had time to listen up close but what they meant was obvious: after seven months your partner have seen your unshaved legs, your unmade up face, your sox on the floor, your blemish gel, plus you had enough time to do some mistakes in bed!

So that sounds like a normal seven months, yes? Yes but you want to feel sexy and pretty(as much as I hate this word), you want to feel wanted!
And after some early evenings and the lack of time to prepare your self for dinner, or bar you start feeling insecure! And if you add the bed misunderstandings, some goofy behavior, it all starts to fit in !

No matter you love the person, (in my opinion seven months are too little for love to disappear) you start feeling dull and ask your self: If I was once sexy for this person, what am I now?

Now comes the dilemma, (personally I would never change my underwear style just to be interesting, or ware body oil before bed, it’s just not real to me) but you ask your self are you still hot, or are you not?

That can be even more difficult to say when your partner has dinner with models(my god they look unrealistic, and I must confess gorgeous…), anyway that doesn’t make it easier!No one`s perfect(I think)!

The fact for me is that changing looks wont upgrade you in that direction…I guess that after seven months you can find out if someone is really interested, or finds you suitable(for the moment)!
I don’t know, I haven’t got the answer to this one yet!


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  1. ...time makes the freckles deeper,the skin thicker and the character meaner( mistakes bigger), but that's all happening in order to make "cage" that will preserve the warmth and the sweet memories to your self.Time brings the flaws just to underline the perfection in imperfection.
    Enjoy love in life!