петък, 14 май 2010 г.

Sex sells what to whom?

I always wondered, why does sex sell so much? It sells clothes, soap, toilet paper, people... It`s gross most of the time! I hate hardcore ads and erotica on steroids!
Maybe it will all change when we ask someone why does he like us and he answers, because the strong feelings i feel for you!

2 коментара:

  1. Sex in the Western World a sign of liberalism, transformation and expansion where mostly women gain an extremely importance on decision process of consume. It doesn't happen in other parts of the world like China (the biggest market in the world) sex still a sensible subject and women don't have any power-consumer.

    The sensuality extreme called Porn-Chic has been a movement constant evolution started in the end of 60's.

  2. And what`s your personal opinion on extreme sensuallity in adverts?
    Thank you for the comment!