неделя, 27 юни 2010 г.

That moment...

You know that moment, when it’s 5 a.m. in the morning and you are still awake hating yourself for what you truly are. And there is that moment when you look around you, and see that all the branded clothing can’t help you now, no. Not even a single one can make you feel better(that truly defines my theory that people define clothes, not the other way around).

You are sitting on your bed and wondering how comes that your foundation can cover up all those spots and nothing can cover the pain you feel, not even a Lanven scarf.
Then you start looking for an answer, you think that by helping other people, you might feel better, then you realize that you first must help yourself. Now tats the hardest part, how could you help your self when you must save you from you?
Well for example you must stay on the computer writing stuff no one will read. Maybe you should start experimenting or you should rearrange your life and priorities.

Don’t you love the moment when you think your head will explode from the thinking and suddenly you realize, the best thing to do is stop!?

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  1. Wow Argi,mnogo dobre napisano!!Eto az go cheta:)inache vseki ima takiva misli i togava e naj dobre da si legnesh,a na drugiq den pak da se radvash na brandovete:))